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Тръби за LPG
SMARTlpg The SMARTlpg system can be used in the following applications:
• Underground installations for the transport of LPG by traction from tank to dispenser
SMARTlpg piping is suitable for the transport of LPG, having an inner barrier layer made of a special polyamide co-polymer.
SMARTlpg system can be installed in the following applications:
• Product delivery lines • Return lines • Vent • Vapour recovery
The SMARTlpg pipe has an inner layer made of a special polyamide resistant to LPG, an intermediate layer made of polyamide resistant to LPG, an intermediate reinforcing layer of polyester fibre with closed frame and an external layer made of PE100 RC (Rockpipe) that is resistant to crack and point loading.

SMARTlpg The British Standard Pipe Parallel thread type is also known in the UK as Whitworth thread. Male BSPP fittings can only be joined to female BSPP fittings. Male BSPP fittings have cylindrical thread and a 30° flare. Female BSPP fittings have cylindrical thread and a 30°ogive. Revolving female BSPP fittings have a conical olive seat that allows tightness on the conical part of the male fitting. BSPP connectors are similar to NPSM ones but they are not interchangeable. The thread spacing is usually different and the thread angle is 55° instead of 60° as in NPSM connectors.
• PN35 (bar)
• Bursting pressure > 180 bar
• Resistance to the transported fluid
• Durability of 25 years
• Flexibility
• Resistance to corrosion
• Limited head losses
• Resistance to abrasion
Part No ID
TGSMA25 25 mm
TGSMA32 32 mm


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